A glimpse of .hack//G.U.

People are falling into comas - just from playing an online game. The worst thing is that it's happened before. If you played the last .hack game, spread over four volumes, you'd already solved that problem. But The World, the fictional online game where the .hack saga takes place, is a strange thing. Even though it has been rebuilt from scratch, the problems just won't stop.

Of course, you won't get any of that back story out of this first batch of screenshots. Instead, you mostly get a look at the game's revamped battle system. There are also pics of a beautiful (but sparse) city and a tiny bit of dungeon exploration. We'll have more on this game in the coming weeks. For now, check that images tab up above for the rest of the screens and get ready to re-enter the grip of an RPG saga told in installments - three, this time. The first is due in September.