A Crude Awakening review

Yikes! This Swiss-made documentary about the impending oil crisis is all the more alarming for its even tone and authoritative interviewees (they include such well-known leftist eco paranoiacs as former OPEC chairman Fadhil Chalabhi, specialist investment banker Matthew Simmons and ex-CIA official and Bush advisor Roger Ebel). Content rules over style here. In brief: we’re fast approaching peak oil (the moment when the Earth begins to run out of fuel) and things being what they are, no one knows for sure if the crash is going to come in 40 years or 20. But we do know it’s coming, and in our lifetime – an unthinkable thought we had better get our heads around if we don’t want to wake up in the Dark Ages. (And even now, it’s probably too late...) Depressingly compelling.

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