9 months after the last update on the Kingdom Hearts mobile game, fans are losing it over a single image

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Kingdom Hearts fans haven't heard anything about the series' latest mobile game in nine months, and it's made them lose their minds at a single, _extremely vague image. 

The last time we heard anything about Kingdom Hearts Missing Link was back in January 2023, and even then the info came from the mobile game's beta testers and not Square Enix. Back then, players reported Missing Link feeling like a mix between Niantic's Pokemon Go and fellow Kingdom Hearts mobile game Unchained X, as it features character customization, GPS mode, and more.

More recently, on October 23 the official Kingdom Hearts series Twitter accounts shared an image that features a CG render of a work-in-progress Scala Ad Caelum - which fits in perfectly with the Kingdom Hearts Missing Link's Bloodborne-style artwork we saw back in late 2022. The Missing Link Japanese language account also changed its header image to a new high-quality screenshot along with the mobile game's logo, which feels suspicious... 

Understandably, since it's rare for us to get any updates on the beloved Square Enix series (I still wake up every day hoping to hear something about Kingdom Hearts 4), fans have jumped for joy at this random and ambiguous update. Although the images tell us nothing about the upcoming game, it does hint that we could be getting some exciting news on the project soon - which is enough to send the entire fanbase into chaos speculating what this mysterious post means, myself included. 

"These CG renders for Kingdom Hearts Missing Link look beautiful!!!!! WHAT ARE THEY COOKING??," Kingdom Hearts fan aitaikimochi has shared, "MISSING LINK IS RETURNING FROM THE WAR", another fan has said, "Kingdom Hearts missing link has stopped being missing in action finally," a different fan has added.  

What Square Enix is currently planning is anyone's guess, but here's hoping we finally find out more about Kingdom Hearts Missing Link (like maybe a release date?) before 2023 is up. It's probably worth keeping an eye on this mobile game, as series' director Tetsuya Nomura has already said Missing Link will have connections to Kingdom Hearts 4.

In the meantime, catch up with the story so far by following our how to play the Kingdom Hearts games in order guide. 

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