Kingdom Hearts Missing Link beta reveals character customization, GPS mode, and more

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link screenshot
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The first closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts Missing Link has kicked off in Japan today, and players have been sharing details about the upcoming mobile game.

Thanks to several Twitter users, we can get a good idea of what kind of game Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is shaping up to be. The rules of the beta test say that participants can't share screenshots or footage of the game but that they are allowed to share their thoughts online, and so several people have done exactly that. 

One of the first bits of information we got actually came from an official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, and it details the mobile game's controls. According to the tweet below, Missing Link will be playable in both 'GPS Mode' and 'Pad Mode'. The former allows players to move around the map by physically walking outside (similar to Pokemon Go). The other mode works just like a standard mobile game and sees players touching an onscreen pad to get around. For 'GPS Mode' there's also a 'Hands-Free Mode' which will do all the battling for you. 

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As for what testers have been saying, several people have commented on the game's visuals, sharing that it looks impressive for a mobile game and that it could be on par with the Nintendo Switch's graphics. Participants have also shared that the game has a CGI intro, similar to all the mainline games, and even its own version of the Kingdom Hearts opening song 'Dearly Beloved'. The character customization is also very varied, allowing players to choose their own hair style and color, eye colour, outfit, accessories, and more. 

Missing Link's gameplay also sounds fairly intuitive and makes reference to previous Kingdom Hearts titles. According to players, Missing Link will have story quests but they're not available in this beta version. There's also been reports that the jewels and gacha from fellow Kingdom Hearts mobile game Unchained X are back, as well as other materials from previous games, and completely new items too.

A few other details have also been revealed including that changing between keyblades will switch up the game's battle styles, weather conditions can affect which Heartless appear on the map, and (as of right now) there's no controller support for the game.

A lot of exciting things have already come out about this game, with more expected as the Kingdom Hearts Missing Link beta continues over the weekend. It's important to remember though that this is a beta test and that some of these features could change by the time Missing Link actually launches.

If you're wondering if it's worth playing this one when it eventually releases, well, according to series director Tetsuya Nomura, Missing Link will have connections to Kingdom Hearts 4. So if you don't want to miss out on any of the sequel's story, we suggest getting up to date with everything before Kingdom Hearts 4 releases. 

Want to catch up on the series so far? Take a look at our how to play the Kingdom Hearts games in order guide. 

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