7 Wonders Edifice expansion asks you to work with your rivals - or screw them over

7 Wonders Edifice promo banner with box, cards, and tokens
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A new 7 Wonders expansion has been revealed ahead of its release next month, called 7 Wonders Edifice.

Described by publisher Asmodee and developer Repos Productions as "the most accessible expansion for 7 Wonders", this add-on allows players to join forces with their rivals in constructing edifices. (New 'prestigious' buildings such as an auction house or archive.) Although you'll get special rewards if you succeed, failing to finish the project makes you accrue debt tokens that reduce your score at the end of the game. Because the overall victory conditions aren't changing either, 7 Wonders Edifice becomes a balancing act between working toward the greater good or going your own way... and potentially making life difficult for your rivals if they've overextended themselves.

No matter what, 7 Wonders Edifice won't make the game any longer according to the official press release; it's advertised as adding a "strategic layer" as well as being "quick to set up and compatible with all versions and expansions of 7 Wonders." That means you can add it to your collection without having to sacrifice any other expansions you might have bought.

Two new cities and their Wonder boards are also being introduced to one of the best board games via Edifice: Carthage and Ur. The latter can only be used with this expansion pack, while the former is compatible with everything and "adds a new way to build the stages of your Wonder."

7 Wonders Edifice launches on February 24. It can be pre-ordered now via the Asmodee store for $29.99.

This is just the latest in a long line of expansions for 7 Wonders. Indeed, Edifice is the seventh add-on since 2011, 7 Wonders Leaders hit shelves.

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