7 Stupidly Brilliant Movie Parties

World economic crisis be damned! Some people still know how to party.

Eschewing frugality for festivity, the people of Rio have decided not to let the montary blues get in the way of a good bash.

With that in mind, we decided to see if it's possible to recreate the fun of some of moviedom's best parties - but on a budget.

The Film: Anchorman (2004)

The Party: Pool party! Ron and friends get an invite to a mate’s place where there’s a seriously heaving ‘70s happening… er… happening.

The Essential Ingredients: A pool. Obviously. There are also throngs of ladies and gents in ‘70s-style swimwear and one coiffed newsman who has an urgent and horrifying news story. Cannonball!

How to Recreate It On A Budget: This one can be created with a paddling pool and a trip to the local charity store/fancy dress rental shop to outfit guests with appropriate attire (they could bring their own to stretch the dosh).

Finally, you’ll need a newsman of high repute. We suggest the BBC’s Huw Edwards.[page-break]

The Film: Animal House (1978)

The Party: Toga! Toga! Toga! Despite being on Double Secret Probation, the Delta House boys decide to throw a huge frat party laden with beer, ladies, beer, togas, beer and sweet guitar accompaniment. Also, beer.

The Essential Ingredients: It’s a Roman orgy, American college style. So everyone turns up looking like something out of the ancient world, beer is drunk and other stimulants are enjoyed.

How to Recreate It On A Budget: This is simplicity itself. Find a big house – or borrow one. Anyone can create a toga by using a tablecloth (heck, Jessica Biel did something similar at this year’s Oscars).

Then you’ll need keg upon keg of beer, though in these economically crippling times, six packs might have to do. But leave the guitar at home, all right?

The Film: Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

The Party: Anyone for dress up? Tom Cruise discovers a world where the wealthy don masks and get down to some serious orgiastic behaviour.

The Essential Ingredients: Masks. Cloaks. Honestly, that’s about it. Oh, maybe some wipe-clean furniture. And a mansion.

How to Recreate It On A Budget: Okay, so maybe most people don’t have access to a shiny, gold-lavished mansion. So get creative – you can play dress-up anywhere. How about Butlins?

And as for the orgy portion of the evening? That’s up to you. We’d stick with the fancy dress and some posh classical music for the sake of the carpet.[page-break]

The Film: Office Space (1999)

The Party: Mike Judge’s drones find release by taking themselves, and their hated office technology out to a field and smashing the crap out of the malfunctioning machines.

The Essential Ingredients: The boys really only needed a quiet open space where they could let loose without interruption, baseball bats and a fax machine or two.

How to Recreate It On A Budget: This is not only easy, it’s also A) different and B) cathartic. Invite your friends to a local field and tell them to bring their least favourite piece of technology – fax machines and photocopiers work best.

But warn them that if they’ve pinched them from their own office – and the tech still basically works - the financial issues could suddenly become a bit tricker.

The Film: Real Genius (1985)

The Party: One of the movie’s most memorable moments sees the science students freezing over a dorm corridor with liquid nitrogen for a skating rink sensation.

The Essential Ingredients: Obviously, liquid nitrogen is a must. And a super-smart scientist to figure out exactly how to pull it off without ruining the carpet would be useful.

How to Recreate It On A Budget: Tough one. Liquid nitrogen is not known for being available down at Tesco’s. So, if Mohammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed. Or, to put it another way, take a few choice items from your gaff down to your local ice rink and simply pretend.


The Film: Return Of The Jedi (1983)

The Party: With the Death Star destroyed, Darth Vader and the Emperor dead, it’s time for the Rebels to partyyyyy!

The Essential Ingredients: The forest moon of Endor is the location of choice, with singing, dancing, talking teddy bears and a big honkin’ bonfire.

How to Recreate It On A Budget: This takes a little imagination, but it’s not impossible. You’ll need a back garden, preferably with a tree house for that Endor effect.

Next, either build a bonfire or locate a barbecue and roast one of those plastic Darth Vader toys on it. (Beware of fumes). Finally, get the lyrics to the Ewoks’ song here. No re-mastered Special Edition nonsense for us!

The Film: The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

The Party: Figuring that it might be their last chance before the machines open a can of metallic whup-ass on them all, humanity decides to have a big, sweaty, hypnotic rave in their underground haven of Zion.

The Essential Ingredients: Lots of people. Music. Sweat. Some water for dehydration safety.

How to Recreate It On A Budget: Look, this one is more than a bit crap. But if you really want to go for it, we suggest the local cave (maybe you should travel and rent Cheddar Gorge), plus invite everyone you know.

Smear butter on everyone. Dance. Nominate two people to have awkward sex on a nearby rock ledge. Try not to look embarrassed.

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