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7 reasons you should care about Way of the Samurai 3

True, getting into fights is part of the appeal of a game like Way of the Samurai, but that doesn’t mean they have to be lethal. Hitting Select or Back on your controller will flip your weapon backwards, enabling you to beat your foes senseless with the blunt edge (or end, if you’re using a spear).

Above: On the other hand, going lethal increases the likelihood your foes will realize the value of life and surrender

Not only will this give you the warm feeling of being a merciful hero-type, but it’ll also spare you the grief that comes from killing a member of a rival faction and increasing their dislike for you.

Above: It’ll also spare you the grief of maudlin last words like these

Alternately, it’s possible to apologize your way out of fights, which seems like a coward’s way out, but can be extremely useful if you’ve accidentally drawn down on a key character (or just a more powerful warrior).

Above: Note that it doesn’t always work

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