6 Struggling Actors Who Should Do TV

Why she should be on telly: Did you see Bride Wars? Fool's Gold? Sure, Gold made some money, but Bride Wars has flopped. And Hudson seems to be stuck in a rut of romantic comedies that give the phrase cookie-cutter a bad name.

Big budget musical Nine will help, but that’s more of an ensemble. She’s funny, feisty and can do great work if she has the right script and collaborators.

Why he should be on telly: While he’s had some great cinematic moments (if only he'd been in GoodFellas) Garcia isn’t exactly white hot, even if he’s trying to make the switch to directing. He’s about to crop up in The Pink Panther 2, which is a tragedy.

Why she should be on telly: Some of you may find this choice controversial, but stick with us here... Sure, she’s still a star, and she’s got Oscars on her mantle, but her box office figures have been slipping (Australia’s making some money, but it’s hardly a smash) and she could use some revitalisation.

By which we don’t mean Chanel ads directed by Baz Luhrmann.

Why he should be on telly: He’s been working with Uwe Boll. Do we honestly need to say more? Okay, we will: he’s also been in a slew of dodgy, low-rent comedies that are beneath him and his ‘tache.

Why he should be on telly : He’s another actor whose recent filmic outings have been a lot worse than his level of talent. And while he’s often the doofus on screen, he’s showed – in the likes of Rescue Dawn – that he has plenty of layers.

Why he should be on telly: Once the Britcom golden boy, the offers have been fewer and further between lately, whether by choice or through some of the less-than-essential movies he’s been appearing in, like American Dreamz. And he’s got too much in the acting chop department to let it go to waste.

Our pitch: Kudos. No, not a hearty round of applause, the production company. The people behind Life On Mars and Hustle. If Adrian Lester can comfortably inhabit a TV role, Grant can. Plus, with the BBC’s schedule, it’s not like he’ll be committing to 24 episodes a year and only three months off, is it?

Either that, or wait for Dr Who’s TARDIS to open up…