6 of the best new weapons in Dead Rising 2

Let's be honest, the biggest thrill of the original Dead Rising isn't the story, the characters oreven the supermarketlocation. It'stwatting zombies in the face with guitars, snipping them in two with a pair of oversizedgarden shears and generally causing as much damage as possible with whatever comes to hand.

Spiked propane tanks
Not only does it provide a tasty explosion to take out big groups of zombies but the sharp prongs make for a handy meleeweapon before detonation too.

Paddle saw
Take one double-ended canoe paddle, strap a couple of chainsaws to each end and heypresto, you’ve got the perfect device to row your way through a sea of enemies.

Moose head
Strap this ornament onto Chuck's head and he can charge through packs of the undead with ease. No surprise to see this horned beast make an appearance since the devs are Canadian, eh?

With two revving chainsaws strapped to the handlebars, this dirt-bike can mow down tons of foes by ploughing through them, popping wheelies and heads as you go.

Drill bucket
The average bucket from the original provided hilarity when placed on a zombie's head but it wasuseless. Here youget a bucketwith power-drills poking into it.Shove it on a foe's noggin and the screech of drills as theybore into the skull - completewith afountain of claret - will provide sadisticspleasures again and again.

You'll also be pleased to know that the withthis casino-heavy setting comes the ability to strafe while firing guns. Which comes in handy when you consider there are upto 1000 zombies on screen at times. In fact, at one point during our eyes-on time the dev spawned7000 of the flaky-skinned terrors just to prove the power behindDead Rising 2.

We have to admit, this sequelis incredibly similar toDead Rising. From thegame mechanics right down to the overall look, you'd be forgiven if you thought this was a hidden level/DLC package from the original.OK, so the in-game action we've seen was little more than a tech-demo (no actual missions were shown) and it'sonly in it's infancy in termsofdevelopment but early signs suggest it'sgoing to be a near carbon copy.

We're sure it'll be good, but we're unsure whether it'll beanything revolutionaryright now.We'll keep you posted on how it shapes up.