59 levels to play before you die: A - D

Actraiser (Super NES, Virtual Console) | Kasandora
As you rebuild civilization and restore your people's faith in this sim/action hybrid, you'll find yourself honestly caring about your subjects' helpless lives. Nowhere is their plight more touching than Kasandora, where you help a starving desert tribe grow into a bustling village, only to see an old man die in the dunes. His last wish is for rain, which you grant. The Kasandora people, so moved by the man's end, invent music to honor his sacrifice, creating a tune so sublime that it also helps settle a raging dispute in another village far away. Truly memorable. To see it all, just click here.

Assassin's Creed (Xbox 360, PS3 PC) | Acre Cathedral
Apart from being almost entirely populated and run by Europeans, Acre isn't that remarkable among the three major cities of Assassin's Creed - until you gain access to its Rich District area, anyway. If you like climbing up really huge buildings - and if you're playing AC, we're guessing you do - there's no place in the game that's cooler than the district's massive, elaborate cathedral. Not only is the church covered in detailed decorations (including a big, climbable rose window), but its steeple is the highest point in the game, affording a view of almost the entire city. Here's a look at what to expect: