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50 Slimiest Movie Politicians

Tracy Flick (Election)

The Politician: Driven overachieving high school student Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) is pretty, blonde, intelligent, and just wants to get into a good college.

Or that's what she would like you to think.

Tracy actually harbours a secret vindictive and sexual side which begins to emerge during her ruthless campaign for student body president.

Slimiest Moment: From seducing teachers to tearing down election posters, Tracy really is no angel.

However, she is particularly skin-crawling when dishing out her 'Pick Flick' cupcakes.

Mr Eugene Helpmann (Brazil)

The Politician: Deputy Minister of information Mr Eugene Helpmann (Peter Vaughan) is very quickly summed up in the first couple of minutes of Brazil .

The well-spoken, moustached politician appears on a flaming television set in a interview being broadcast to the nation in which he dismisses the cause of terrorism as down to "bad sportsmanship" and wishes everyone a merry Christmas.

Slimiest Moment: When Helpmann's face swings into Sam Lowry's (Jonathan Pryce) closing escapist fantasy and dully announces "He got away from us Jack" before being casually wheeled away from the catatonic Lowry.

Adenoid Hynkel (The Great Dictator)

The Politician: Adenoid Hynkel (Charlie Chaplin in his first true 'talkie' role) is the ruthless dictator of Tomainia, an extreme fascist and persecutor of Jews.

He also has a knack for slapstick and physical comedy. When he is alone he enjoys dancing around with his inflatable globe and fantasising about being the Emperor of the world.

Slimiest Moment: When the inventor of a hat which supposedly turns into a parachute plunges to his death while demonstrating it, Hynkel turns to his officers and asks why they waste his time with such things. Cold.

Senator Eleanor Shaw (The Manchurian Candidate)

The Politician: Much more terrifying then her predecessor Angela Lansbury (from the original adaptation), Meryl Streep is Senator Eleanor Shaw, a powerful, dangerously ambitious politician and an even scarier pushy mother.

With her no nonsense attitude, extreme power-dressing and the slickest of Hilary Clinton up-dos, she will stop at nothing to see her congressman son become President.

Slimiest Moment: When Shaw rants that she'll do what ever is takes to protect her son, what she really means is she'll do whatever it takes to protect everything she has been working towards.

However, an even sinister and disturbing side of her relationship with her brain-washed son emerges when she bathes, kisses and caresses him in an uncomfortably intimate manner.

General Idi Amin (The Last King Of Scotland)

The Politician: General Idi Amin (Oscar-winning Forest Whitaker) is the Ugandan president who leads the country after he overthrows his predecessor Milton Obote.

Amin quickly becomes a militant dictator abusing human rights and exercising extrajudicial punishments and xenophobia in his rule.

He also ostracises his third wife because she gave birth to an epileptic son.

Slimiest Moment: When Amin discovers his friend and personal physician Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) had an affair with his third wife, he has Garrigan tortured: his chest is pierced with meat hooks and he is hung by his own skin.

Joseph Paine (Mr Smith Goes To Washington)

The Politician: Joseph Paine is a generally well-loved, held in high public esteem Senator.

He takes under his wing his late best friend's naive and idealistic son Jefferson Smith, who has just been plucked from being Head of the Boy Rangers to become the Junior Senator of their state.

Slimiest Moment: Unfortunately Senator Paine is secretly crooked and becomes involved in a scheme to crucify the Junior Senator when Smith proposes a bill that clashes with a dishonourable bill of his own.

Granted, Paine does see the moral light in the end but it's not until after he has ground Smith down to a pulp on the Senate floor, bringing in bins of letters and telegrams from average, everyday people demanding Smith's expulsion.

Margaret Thatcher (The Iron Lady)

The Politician: It's difficult to be mad at former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when she is being portrayed by darling, Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep who spends a good chunk of the film stumbling around her house looking for her long dead husband.

Slimiest Moment: Difficult but not impossible. Streep's Thatcher is not so much slimy as bloody terrifying.

In one particular scene she dresses down her cabinet, ranting about "slackers" who "contribute nothing to the community".

She then scolds and humiliates Geoffrey Howe like a school boy because of his spelling errors in the timetable. Yikes.

The Minister of the Interior (A Clockwork Orange)

The Politician: The Minister of the Interior (Anthony Sharp) uses prisoners as test subjects for the disturbing: "Ludovico technique" - an experimental aversion therapy which involves drugging subjects, clamping their eyes open and forcing them to watch violence in an attempt to cure them of their violent tendencies.

Slimiest Moment: The Minister visits Alex, a graduate and victim of the Ludovico technique in hospital after he fails to reenter society.

The Minister, concerned with securing Alex's cooperation with PR campaign to smooth over the experiment's messy aftermath, hand-feeds the crippled patient, promising him a job and a bright future.

Adam Sutler (V for Vendetta)

The Politician: High Chancellor Adam Sutler, a former Conservative MP and Under-Secretary for Defence, leads the extreme right-wing Norsefire party.

A pure fascist and cold dictator, Sutler controls Britain with a tight iron grip.

He also chooses to live in an underground bunker in self-imposed exile, addressing his lieutenants via television.

Slimiest Moment: Having secretly and deliberately co-ordinated the bio-terrorist attacks that lead Britain to become a totalitarian state, Sutler was always a power-hungry bad egg.

His sliminess erupts to high levels when his power is threatened and he demands extreme fear mongering from his television set: "I want this country to realise that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want everyone to remember why they need us!"

Adolf Hitler (Downfall)

The Politician: Adolf Hitler (Bruno Ganz). An Austrian-born German politician, leader of the Nazi Party and a horrific dictator responsible for millions of deaths.

Slimiest Moment: In a now a famous scene as a result of its endless Internet parodies, the original furious Hitler tirade actually shows the leader in a most disgusting and desperate state when he finally realises that the war has definitely been lost for Germany.