50 Rainiest Movie Moments

American Beauty (1999)

The Rain: As the film reaches its pitch black denouement, a wild and windy thunderstorm descends upon the Burnhams' street, soaking Colonel Fitts as he makes his ill-starred visit to Lester.

Thematic Resonance:
Just as the film's various relationships reach breaking point, the heavens open. Fitts looks all the more desperate with his hair greased to his forehead and his clothes soaked through.

Match Point (2005)

The Rain: Chris and Nola share a passionate kiss in the middle of a field. As the rain begins to fall, they cant help tearing each other's clothes off and getting down to it right there and then.

Thematic Resonance: It helps emphasise the reckless nature of their relationship, as well as the raw passion that fuels it.

Garden State (2004)

The Rain: Zach Braff and Natalie Portman go on to share a by-the-book rain kiss, but we prefer the preceding moment where they and Peter Sarsgaard stand and howl into the abyss. Mmmm, cathartic.

Thematic Resonance: The trio are letting go of all their troubles, by simply screaming into the rain. They should prescribe it on the NHS.

Sin City (2005)

The Rain: Marv strides down a rain-lashed street, slowly raising his gun before putting a bullet right between the eyes of a towering stone stature.

Thematic Resonance:
It's all about atmosphere here, as this godforsaken city truly becomes the hellhole created by Frank Miller on the pages of the comic-book series.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

The Rain: As the unit troops onwards, a light drizzle begins to fall, before growing steadily heavier and louder. Before you know it, it isn't only raindrops whistling through the air… it's bullets too.

Thematic Resonance: It's just a very neat trick by which to segue from the tedium of marching into the sound and fury of a firefight.

Key Largo (1948)

The Rain: The rain is a constant throughout this classic noir, ensuring the protagonists remain inside their hotel where a violent criminal is lurking, surrounded by his heavies.

Thematic Resonance:
It's a key plot device, designed to ensure the action remains contained and claustrophobic.

The Damned United (2009)

The Rain: Brian Clough's Derby County take on Leeds United on an absolute mudbath of a pitch. Not an occasion for the fancy Dan, this one.

Thematic Resonance:
There's nothing subtextual about this, just a picture perfect representation of a gritty, 1970s football match. Oof.

Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)

The Rain: Paul and Holly search for her beloved cat amid the rain-spattered streets of Manhattan, finally recovering it and enveloping it in a soggy cuddle.

Thematic Resonance: A tear-flecked reconciliation in the rain, plus a rescued cat? That's a sure fire recipe for feelgood vibes.

Gun Crazy (1950)

The Rain: Young Bart Tare stands out in the rain, staring at the guns in a shopkeeper's window. Eventually he smashes through and grabs one, only to be caught by the local sheriff. His obsession, however, has just begun.

Thematic Resonance:
The rain is here to ram home just how taken Tare is with firearms. He's soaked through, for heaven's sake!

Cape Fear (1962)

The Rain: As Sam Bowden attempts to draw out Max Cady, an almighty thunderstorm rocks the Cape. Somebody is going to end up very wet indeed.

Thematic Resonance: The storm serves to fill the final confrontation with yet more drama. So effective was it, that Martin Scorsese was sure to recreate it for his 1991 remake.

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