50 Greatest Villains Of 2012

Madeline Madrigal

The Film: Dredd

The Villain:
Lena Headey has bagged the role as Dredd ’s Big Bad, playing Madeline Madrigal (better known as Ma-Ma), the vicious leader of one of Mega-City One’s most notorious terrorist organisations. Her mob make a nice profit selling reality-altering drugs, which as you know, are very bad indeed.

How Scary:
She’ll be treading the tightrope between sexy and psychotic. We can’t wait!

The Devil

The Film: Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

The Villain: Big Red himself, clashing with his favourite bounty hunter over a particularly creepy little kid. Ciaran Hinds munches his way through the scenery once more in this daft action sequel.

How Scary: Quite intimidating, although nothing like as scary as Cage’s spittle-flecked performance as the Rider.


The Film: Breaking Dawn pt. 2

The Villain: Embittered vampire Irina attempts to destroy Bella and Edward by bringing their child before the Volturi, accusing it of being an outlawed “immortal”, and bringing the full weight of the law down upon the Cullens.

How Scary: Bitter rather than scary. The fate that faces the child is where the real scares lie…

The Wolves

The Film: The Grey

The Villain: A pack of ravenous wolves that stalk Liam Neeson and his crew of fellow plane-crash survivors across the frozen wastes of Alaska. Fortunately, big Liam is pretty handy with his fists…

How Scary: Extremely, unless of course you’re Liam Neeson, in which case you’ll view them as good sport.


The Film: Wrath Of The Titans

The Villain: Ralph Fiennes reprises his role as the Lord of the Underworld, embarking on a plan to kidnap his brother Zeus, thus freeing the monstrous Titans from their crumbling prisons. All hell is about to break loose…

How Scary: Very, in the sense that you can’t turn your back on him for a second. What a bounder!


The Film: Haywire

The Villain: Ewan McGregor plays the foolish fellow who sets up black ops badass Mallory Kane (Gina Carano), thus inviting a whole world of hurt upon himself and his slippery colleagues.

How Scary: Pretty despicable, but nowhere near as scary as Ms. Kane. Hell hath not fury, etc. etc.


The Film: Total Recall

The Villain: The shadowy organisation selling exciting memory-based holidays. They can remember it for you wholesale, but when it comes down to it, you might not really want them to…

How Scary: Faceless organisations are always far more terrifying than knife-wielding madmen. In the movies, anyhow…

General Aladeen

The Film: The Dictator

The Villain: Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest creation is a murderous tyrant and a sworn enemy of democracy, who leaves the Republic of Wadiya to visit America in this new comedy. Culture-clash chuckles ensue.

How Scary: Not a villain in the traditional sense, although Americans will likely find plenty to boo when the General hits their screens.

Ra's al Ghul

The Film: The Dark Knight Rises

The Villain: We know Liam Neeson was on set during filming, and we know Josh Pence will be playing a younger version of Ra’s in the film. Is it expecting too much to suspect he’ll be involved in Bane’s grand plan? Or will another member of his family be pulling the strings this time around?

How Scary: A man who manages to cheat death would be a frightening prospect indeed. As would a vengeful daughter…

Tex Richman

The Film: The Muppets

The Villain: A greedy oil baron who plans to destroy the Muppet Theatre in order to drill under the foundations. If he succeeds, the old venue will never see a chicken song and dance number again!

How Scary: Not quite as toe-curling as some of Fozzie’s jokes, but pretty villainous nonetheless.

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