5 things the God of War teaser could mean

News has been popping up around the net about a secret message in God of War 3, unlocked when you earn a Platinum trophy. The trophy description features a URL, which points gamers towardswhat appears to be ateaser website. It's really exciting - look:

OK, so it's actually rather dull. At present, it simply depicts an ocean scene with mud to the bottom-left, while a thunderstorm beats down.Therte's been some speculation that it's the platform Kratos throws himself from in the first game, but it doesn't look rocky enough to us. So what is this teasing?You don't have to beAce Venturatocome to the conclusion that there's something God of War-related on the way. But what?

1) God of War 4

This is, sadly, the least likely outcome. We're not going to discuss where the plot could go at this point in time because a lot of people are still playing it. But it would take, at the very least, a full year to make a new PS3 game, even with the engine and assets all in place. So...

2) It could be GoW3 DLC

Specifically, an epilogue chapter. It's well-documented that the game's lengthwas cut a little before completion, so we could be getting those levels back from the cutting room floor. That's very likely.

3) It could be a new PSP God of War game

This too is very likely. The first game was critically very well-received and was a fantastic showcase for the machine's capabilities. Considering Chains of Olympus had a similar teaser site before it was announced, this is very likely. Also it's been a sufficiently long time since the last one for a sequel to be developed.

4) It could be a multiplayer spin-off game

See the URL? It says 'spartansstandtall'. Either this means all Spartans stand tall as a statement, or it's an imperative instruction - 'Spartans - stand tall!' It definitely does not apply to one single Spartan, so this could well be multiplayer game, quite possibly without Kratos. Especially as multiplayer was considered for God of War 3, but was omitted because it didn't fit with Kratos' story.

There's further evidence to support this. While the Spartan shield in the top right is acting as a countdown timer of some sort (apparently filling each of its quadrants with blood over time), it also features four Spartan helmets in its design. Could this be part of the new game's HUD?

5) It could be a movie or anime reveal

Although the style of the scene is similar to that of God of War 3, it could be an arty backdrop for some anime action. What better way to get publicity for your new anime than to tease it in the biggest PS3 game of the year so far?

Truth is, nobody outside of Sony knows what it is yet. But we reckon it's most likely... a new PSP game. Does that excite you? We know you love PSP.

19 Mar, 2010

Justin Towell

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