3D Pokemon Yellow fan-remake brings back a truly cursed chonky Pikachu

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Yellow has been remade in 3D by a very determined fan, and a bunch of - slightly cursed - blocky Pokemon have come with it. 

YouTuber Pokebro shared a video of their creation along with a step-by-step commentary on how they went about making it. Giving themselves just two weeks to remake the entire game from scratch, Pokebro started by importing voxel-inspired models of Ash and Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow and bringing them to life in the game. 

This wasn't as easy as it sounds though - as demonstrated in the video, the Pikachu model came cursed with a literal hole in its head. After several failed attempts to find the source of the issue and fix it, Pokebro settled for a simple fix instead, placing just a similar colored sphere into the Pikachu model's head, giving the illusion of a 'not-fractured' skull. 

Following this, they then implemented follow AI and an auto-battle mechanic for Pikachu, just like the one found in the upcoming gen 9 game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The only problem was, at that point in time, there wasn't actually any other Pokemon in the build to battle, so Pokebro went ahead and imported some other blocky Pokemon models including Pidgey, Caterpie, Metapod, Geodude, Onix, and more.

Once that was done, Pokebro then took a leaf out of Pokemon Legends: Arceus' book by implementing a similar Pokeball throwing mechanic to the 2019 game. This came with its own set of challenges - not least because Legends: Arceus is a fully open-world third-person game, while Pokemon Yellow is distinctly top-down. 

Thankfully, the game's developer was able to design a system that allowed Ash to accurately throw a Pokeball. That is, after a few failed attempts, one of which resulted in trapping Ash in the ball instead of the Pidgey. We've only scratched the surface of this Pokemon Yellow 3D remake, so we highly suggest watching the video below to get the full rundown. 

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