360 to surpass five-year console lifespan

Nov 7, 2007

Five years is usually about the amount of time we have to wait before platform holders begin pumping out their shiny new hardware, but it looks like following on from similar comments made by Nintendo, Microsoft plans to break the traditional console lifespan this time around.

Speaking to Reuters, Microsoft E%26amp;DD CFO Mindy Mount spoke about Microsoft's long-term projects, including the Xbox 360 and pointed to the PlayStation 2 which still has strong sales even after seven years on the market.

"Look at the PS2; they've gone long-time and seem to have pretty good legs on what they are doing," said Mount. "If we were able to do that, as CFO I think that's great, because every year you draw it out you increase profitability."

Microsoft of course rushed the Xbox 360 out the door to beat the PlayStation 3 to market, and it seems to have been a successful move. Whether or not MS will be tempted to repeat the same strategy, we'll have to wait and see...

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Courtesy of CVG