360 motion control: Miss or must?

Xbox 360 won't be jumping aboard the motion-sensitive bandwagon any time soon, according to Microsoft's Chris Satchell, GM of Microsoft's Developer Group.

He recently said that the console giantis holding offon launching any motion-control peripherals, until it can be sure that gamers are reallyset on havingthe feature. But is this a wise move, or has Microsoft misjudged the gaming zeitgeist?

Motion sensitive gaming, spearheaded by the huge success of Nintendo's Wii, has undeniably brought a fresh wave of gamers into the fold. But there's still plenty wrong with the gesture-driven technology.

So should Microsoft stay hands-off and gamble on motion-control being a gimmick, or leap in the deep end and show the rest how it's meant to be done? We've taken a closer look, and explored the two sides of the company's quandary.

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