The 30 best prison movies

Cool Hand Luke (1967)

The movie: One of the greatest prison movies - and a large majority of its running time takes place outdoors. The terrain may not be the same - the arid, scrubby wastelands of Florida - but the internal turmoil of its leading man is heart-wrenchingly brought to life. Paul Newmans carefree Luke is unremitting in his stance on freedom. He wont bend, and he wont be broken, despite the best efforts of the despicable guards.

Held captive in a Southern chain gang, his unshakable spirit keeps the film pushing forward as every action is a masked escape attempt - whether hes eating fifty eggs to avoid the monotony of incarceration, or riling up the boss so hell get tossed in solitary confinement. Director Stuart Rosenberg encourages one of Newmans finest performances as the non-conformist who wont go down without a fight.

Best cellmate chatter: (After Luke obliterates Dragline in poker with a duff hand) Luke - Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can beat a real cool hand.

Gem Seddon

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