The 25 greatest Star Wars moments in Xbox history

George Lucas meets George Romero (Dead Rising 3)

As is traditional for the franchise, Xbox One's first Dead Rising includes an item creation recipe for a [cough] laser sword, which may strike the Jedi aficionado as oddly familiar. You'll build it using gems and a flashlight, after finding the blueprint. The weapon isn't as flamboyant as others, but it insta-kills regular Zs and has a gratifyingly wide arc. 

Mission's End (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

Much of the time, evil behaviour in games equals sarky dialogue and sexy eyeshadow. Those of a sadistic bent may wish to get to know KOTOR's Twilek teenager Mission and her faithful Wookiee chum Zaalbar. The latter swears eternal loyalty when you save his life, even if you follow the Dark path. Mission isn't as easily won over, but given a decent Force Persuade skill you can have Zaalbar kill her. And after? You should probably have yourself arrested.

The Didact's own Death Star (Halo 4)

Okay, so it isnt a direct lift from Star Wars, but its hard to play through Halo 4's penultimate section in which Master Chief and Cortana fly a Broadsword fighter through the guts of the Didacts flagship and not hear the echo of Episode IV's famous Death Star trench run. Its a dazzling sequence, though a frustrating one; Luke Skywalker didn't have moving panels to worry about.

Forging of the Alliance (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

The ability to bang Wookiees together like drumsticks aside, you might like to play the original Force Unleashed because its the story of how the Rebel Alliance was founded. Starkiller is dispatched by Vader to unify various senators against the Emperor, the idea being that the pair will usurp Darth Sidious in the chaos. Starkiller, however, succumbs to the Light Side while hobnobbing with the rebels. Serves you right, Darth.

The disco strikes back (Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga)

Only the mad hatters of Travellers Tales would see in the dreaded Stormtrooper a dancefloor maniac awaiting his chance to moonwalk. Hidden away in Lego Star Wars are three Stormtrooper discos one assembled by hand, the others activated by stepping on circles of light. Once in full swing, they'll attract nearby Stormtroopers like moths to a glitterball (and unlock an Achievement). Its one of many proofs that TT is now the nearest thing to the LucasArts of yore.