24 Hours In London review

It's frustrating when you can see talent oozing from a film, but can't, in all honestly, recommend the work itself. Such is the case with Alexander Finbow's futuristic caper, 24 Hours In London, which squeezes the most out of every penny of its measly £750,00 budget, yet still doesn't live up to its own ambition.

Given the fact that it was shot more than three years ago, you can forgive the Lock, Stock parallels. But an encouragingly twisted plot, embroiling rival gangsters, corrupt cops, a life-threatened witness and a pair of black market organ transplanters doesn't compensate for some disastrous casting choices (the cops look like weedy sixth-formers) and a clutch of flatly unconvincing performances.

There's enough here to give writer/ director Finbow one-to-watch status. But is 24 Hours In London really worth 90 minutes of your time? Unfortunately not.


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