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22 things every gamer kid has heard from their parents

Go easy on your brother / sister

Any easier and I might as well let the cat play. They wanted to play, they have to face the consequences. It's a brutal world, mom, and I won't be doing them any favors by going easy".

Aren't you too old for this game?

This? No, it's an intricately layered work of interactive fiction packed with adult themes and deep philosophical messages. Now give me some space; this Pikachu won't evolve itself!

You shouldn't be playing this late

There's no pleasing you, is there? You don't want me playing as soon as I get up, you don't like me playing through dinner, and you definitely don't want me skipping school. Cut me some slack, would you? I'm already bending over backwards to fit your schedule.

Parents will be parents

Parents say the darndest things. However, if we're being fair, sometimes they have a point--but only sometimes. And if we're being even more honest, there's no way we would have said any of those things unless we were all grown up and almost certain they weren't reading articles online. Remember something we don't? Share your cliche parent lines in the comments below...

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