2019 256GB MacBook Air down to its lowest ever price - but time's almost up!

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Tracking down a genuine deal on a MacBook Air price is a tough task, especially at this time of year where irritably high MSRPs on our favorite tech seems to be the norm.

So imagine our delight to see Amazon randomly unleash a superb MacBook Air deal. You can save $300 today on the larger 256GB SSD model, bringing the price down to $999.99 instead of $1299.99.

Let's put it this way: the smaller 128GB model currently costs $1037 at Amazon and $1099 at Best Buy. So this deal is going to be snapped up super fast. After all, SSD storage is notoriously expensive as it is compared to regular mechanical drives and Apple knows no shame when it comes to charging the earth for larger capacity devices.

If you're intent on storing any media or data-heavy programs on your laptops (calling all you creative media editing types) then 128GB just isn't going to cut it and you're going to end up spending extra on external drives just to ease the pressure before you know it. This is why any decent offers on the 256GB model should be considered. Even more so when they're cheaper than the 128GB MacBook Air.

The deal is only available on the silver model and looks like one of Amazon's Deals of the Day as there's a timer counting down on it as we speak, so you've only got until the end of the day to grab this cheap MacBook Air offer.

$999 at Amazon

13-inch MacBook Air (2019) | $1299.99 $999 at Amazon
A fantastic price for the newest MacBook Air with 256GB of SSD storage. Other internal specs include 8GB of RAM, Intel UHD Graphics 617, True Tone display and an 8th-gen i5 processor. That's at least $600 less than a 256GB MacBook Pro too.

Don't forget, this deal ends by the end of the day. If stock lasts that long, that is - we're used to seeing discounted MacBooks sell out before offers end officially thanks to their scarcity. 

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