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20 Greatest Fake Criterion Covers

Weekend At Bernie's

On The Back Of The DVD: The seminal ‘80s comedy from renowned auteur Ted Kotcheff, Weekend At Bernie’s still hits the funnybone some twenty years on, having been referenced in everything from Seinfeld to The Simpsons . You too will believe that a pair of sunglasses are enough to convince the world that you’re dead…

The Extras:

- Bernie’s: The Legacy, a look at the film’s impact over the years
- Being Bernie, an interview with the great Terry Kiser
- Weekend At Bernie’s 2 (really, we can’t give it away)

Howard The Duck (1986)

On The Back Of The DVD: An existential meditation upon the nature of the self, via the medium of a giant duck from outer-space. How closely drawn are the lines between comedy and tragedy? Is life playing one big cosmic joke upon all of us? Allow Howard to enlighten you…

The Extras:
- Howard: The Duck That Jumped The Shark ; 60 minute behind-the-scenes documentary
- From page to screen: how to strip away a comic-book’s wit and humour in three easy steps
- George Lucas interview/interrogation
- “Production Art”- exclusive sketches and storyboards; It’s how he was meant to look, we swear!

Wild Wild West (1999)

On The Back Of The DVD: A pioneering “Nouveau Western”, Barry Sonnenfeld’s daring vision brings the classic cowboy film up to date for a new generation, whilst challenging previous stereotypes attached to the genre (“She be out of that dress when she meet Jim West” quips Will Smith, lampooning the sexist Westerns of old). Six-shooting action, redefined.

The Extras:

- Behind the scenes on Will Smith’s groundbreaking music video, Wild Wild West
- The Tao Of Smith : Big Willie reveals the secrets of his craft
- Director’s Cut: Due to popular demand, Barry Sonnenfeld introduces a new edition in which all of Kevin Kline’s scenes have been cut.

Air Bud (1997)

On The Back Of The DVD: Air Bud brings together the twin American pastimes of basketball and dog ownership in a delightful melting pot of heart-warming hilarity. Never has the special bond between man and dog been more passionately expressed on the silver screen.

The Extras:

- Audio commentary with director Charles Martin Smith and Bud the Dog
- “Neuter-time” alternate ending
- Inside The Actors Studio- Bud the Dog

Gigli (2003)

On The Back Of The DVD: Part hard-boiled crime thriller, part meditation on the nature of celebrity, Gigli ’s multifaceted appeal can be attributed to the on-screen debut of Bennifer, a Bogey and Bacall for the iPod generation.

The Extras:

- “Colourful” audio commentary with Ben Affleck
- What’s In A Name? The story behind Gigli
- I Directed Midnight Run , an interview with director Martin Brest
- Battlefield Earth trailer

Point Break (1991)

On The Back Of The DVD: The film that announced the arrival of Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, Point Break is a study in masculinity played out against the devil-may-care culture of the surf community. Visceral, urgent filmmaking at its most raw.

The Extras:
- Unplugged acoustic performance from Keanu Reeves and Dogstar
- Kathryn Bigelow: Thinker, Artist, Woman
- Keanu Remembered , A retrospective of Reeves’ erstwhile career

Fred Claus (2007)

On The Back Of The DVD: When does a man truly mature? Do we ever leave our childhoods behind? Does Santa exist? David Dobkin’s comic masterpiece tackles all the big questions in a moving ode to festivity, unfairly labelled as Vince Vaughan’s annual Christmas cash-in.

The Extras:
- The History Of Saint Nick, a feature-length documentary with Vince Vaughn tracing Santa’s roots through Holland and Germany
- The Santa Debate: Thinker Richard Dawkins starts a debate as to whether Saint Nick deserves more of our prayers than God
- Gag Reel

The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

On The Back Of The DVD: Love, loyalty, respect…the Fast And Furious franchise had dealt with all those themes in the past. But what if they were to be explored…in Tokyo? Justin Lin turns the essential action series of the noughties on its head with this East meets West classic that questions just what it takes to be both fast, and furious.

The Extras:
- Interview with Vin Diesel, in which the star reveals why the time was right to leave
- Interview with Vin Diesel on why he returned for the next one
- Interview with Sonny Chiba on why he agreed to this at all

The Punisher (2004)

On The Back Of The DVD: Vengeance…a part of the human condition since time immemorial. But is vengeance ever justified, even when we have been grievously wronged? Jonathan Hensleigh’s neo-noir answers with a bold and uncompromising “yes” in this striking challenge to accepted morality.

The Extras:

- Angel Of Death: Every kill condensed into a five-minute ballet of violence
- Travolta: Method Behind My Madness
- Crime And Punishment: A brief history of the justice system with Tom Jane

Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

On The Back Of The DVD: Direcor Jim Clark introduces nineteen seventies America to a brave new world of erotica with this highly-charged tale charting the sexual awakening of the city of Dallas. Female empowerment, thy name is Debbie.

The Extras:
- Bambi’s Mom, an interview with Mrs Woods senior
- A profile of Dallas, where sexual activity still goes on today
- Director’s Cut (dialogue free)

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