2 Young review

Jackie Chan's son debuts in this uneven but charming teen romance. Ka Fu (Jaycee Fong - he ditched Dad's name) scrubs up pretty badly next to Natalie (Hong Kong popstar Fiona Sit). He's poor, she's rich. His dad's a bus driver, hers is a hotshot lawyer. Society says no. Their hormones say, hell yeah!

On the surface, 2 Young is a sharp climb-down for award-winning director Derek Yee (One Night In Mongkok). With two inexperienced leads, it risks a shabby spiral into Romeo And Juliet redux. But here's the rub: Lee's star-crossed lovers positively ooze chemistry. HK heavyweights Eric Tsang and Anthony Wong Chau-Sang also pitch in with excellent performances as the respective fathers and, despite a weedy soundtrack and suspiciously neat conclusion, the forbidden love story works in the final cut. It's just a shame Chan Jr doesn't punch anyone.


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