17 Bond Girls You Never Noticed

Tour guide

Played By: Anne Lonnberg

Film She Appears In:

Where We See Her:
A tour guide at Venini glass - appears later as one of Drax's master race of hot girls.

Post Bond: Lonnberg never broke out of the supporting artist mould, with a turn as a 'Swiss photographer' in the Unbearable Lightness Of Being her most high-profile post- Moonraker role.

Osato's Secretary

Played By: Francesca Tu

Film She Appears In:
You Only Live Twice

Where We See Her: Greets Bond at a lift in Osato's HQ and takes him into an office.

Post Bond: Tu appeared in many films and TV shows after You Only Live Twice , but by far the most well-known is The Blood Of Fu Manchu , the fourth installment of the vaguely racist Christopher Lee series.

She was uncredited. That's probably for the best.

The Chambermaid

Played By: Janette Rowsell

Film She Appears In:

Where We See Her: Bond uses her key to access a bedroom in a Miami hotel.

Post Bond: Just two roles. Rowsell appeared in an episode of Armchair Theatre as "dancer at party" and had an uncredited appearance in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as a scullery maid.

Tennis girl

Played By: Alessandra Ambrosio

Film She Appears In: Casino Royale

Where We See Her:
Strolling past Bond - and blatantly checking him out - as he enters his Bahamian residence.

Post Bond: Ambrosio is a hugely successful model, known for her sterling work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and her brief appearance in Casino Royale didn’t inspire a change of career.

Since swooning over Daniel Craig, the Brazilian has only had one other acting role (basically playing herself in an uncredited Entourage appearance), but she continues to model for a number of high-profile brands.

Corinne Dufour, Drax's helicopter pilot

Played By: Corinne Cléry (Dufour)

Film She Appears In:

Where We See Her: One of Drax's beautiful assistants. She gets wooed by Bond and is consequently savaged by wild dogs in a forest.

Post Bond: Unlike so many others on this list, Clery had a long career after her Bond appearance - turning in 50 acting roles.

One of Hossein's floozies

Played By: Dawn Rodrigues

Film She Appears In:
The Spy Who Loved Me

Where We See Her:
Whored out by the Sheike Hossein (an undercover agent) when Bond stays in his desert hideout.

Post Bond: Rodrigues appeared in a couple of ITV cop shows, and a terrible Bond spoof Licensed To Love And Kill. And that's it.

Countess Labinsky and Lady Victoria Devon

Played By: Catherine Serre (Labinsky) and Françoise Gayat (Devon)

Film She Appears In:

Where We See Them:
The two women are sat listening to Hugo Drax playing the piano.

Post Bond: Serre starred in several French productions, including the brilliant My American Uncle. Gayat didn't fair quite as well, appearing only in Gift Girls , a fairly shocking bit of '80s soft-core porn, which appears to have put her off acting forever.

Olympe (friend of Bond's wife to be, Tracy)

Played By: Virginia North

Film She Appears In:
On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Where We See Her:
Seen early in the film accompanying Marc Ange Draco.

Post Bond: North is probably best known by movie geeks for her role in the triumphant Abominable Dr Phibes, in which she starred alongside Vincent Price at his very campest.

It was her first and only post-Bond picture. But what a way to finish a career.

Girl in the pool

Played By: Caroline Cossey

Film She Appears In:
For Your Eyes Only

Where We See Her: Next to the pool when Hector Gonzales gets shot.

Post Bond: Before Bond, Cossey was a Playboy model, page three girl, and alleged Des Lynam squeeze.

After For Your Eyes Only was released, it was revealed by The News Of The World that Caroline is a transsexual woman, via the remarkably insensitive headline: "James Bond girl was a boy."

Cossey is now happily married to a Canadian businessman. They live in the United States.

Hotel receptionist

Played By: Valerie Leon

Film She Appears In:
The Spy Who Loved Me (Leon also appeared in Never Say Never Again )

Where We See Her: Brunette who flirts with Bond when he checks into the Sardinia hotel.

Post Bond: Before Bond, Leon was a mainstay in British cinema, appearing in Carry On and Hammer films.

After Bond, it wasn't quite Never Again, but Leon took an impressive 23-year break from acting after The Spy Who Loved Me .

She returned in 2006 short A Neutral Corner , made a one-off appearance in BBC sitcom The Green Green Grass in 2007, then promtly retired again.

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