12 of the craziest Mario hacks


Hard Relay Mario

A hacked version of: Super Mario Bros.

What makes it crazy: How to make a difficult Mario hack, step 1: Make glitches a requirement to beating the game. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit. Just looking at the starting screen perplexes us; we’re not accustomed to using wall-jumps and inexplicable mid-air jumps, as well as running through blocks just to progress through a stage. Even the flags at the end of each level are designed to kill you; Hard Relay is almost like a Mario puzzle game, where you need to decipher which glitch will let you inch closer towards victory.

Our favorite part: When World 1-2 kicks off at 1:42, you’ve only got 100 precious seconds to traverse the MASSIVELY glitchy stage. Good luck!

Item Abuse

A hacked version of: Super Mario World

What makes it crazy: Instead of playing this hack, you might just want to smash your hands with a ball-peen hammer – it’ll likely save you time and frustration. In order to beat this game, you must have encyclopedic knowledge of the mechanics and inner workings to Super Mario World, on top of the skill needed to carry out your master plans. It also features what has to be the most absurdly grueling final boss of any Mario hack – and that’s saying something.

Our favorite part: 2:18 to 2:25: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Lucas Sullivan

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