11 spectacular Dreamshots from Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

From me to you...

Above: I call this one'The Skittles Effect'after everyone's favourite Kinectimal. Roll over, Skittles!

Above: This one's called 'Spiky'. I was lucky to catch the very second this cop hit my spike strip

Above: I didn't know Chris Cornell was into street racing, but then he does like to burn that gasoline...

Above: The most subtle advertising you'll ever see. Crashing Porsche's brake caliper gets some screen time

Above: And look at that! To think this is a picture taken in-game and not a concept render is amazing

Community best

Above: Snappyguy zooms in on the funfair to show the cute,neverendingracer/cop chase

Above: SaLaNoS captures the current gen version of PSone's greatest trick. Mmmm tail lights...

Pizentu_DeWindknows how to take an awesome shot or three, like this:

Above: What is it with police and donuts?


Above: Oh how silly. Excellent idea, though

And this:

Above: Excellent composition for which any photography teacher would give a big fat smiley

And finally...

Above: Love the lighting in this one, taken by SSVAV. My favourite, so far

So what about you? Got an amazing Dreamshot you want to show off? Let us know onFacebook.

04 Jan, 2011

Justin Towell

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