What Bungie has done to improve Destiny, and what still needs work

Make Cutscenes you've already watched skippable

Cut-scenes are great. They let you know what's going on in the story, show off some impressive close-ups of new characters, and give you a panoramic view of the environment. But they aren't so great when you've watched them for the millionth time. If you're doing the high-level replays, Daily Story missions, and Weekly Strikes, you're going to see the respective cut-scene over and over. Please Bungie, it's fine to make the cut-scene unskippable the first time I watch it, but just let me skip it every time after that.

Make Grimoire Cards accessible in-game

Okay, so the in-game storytelling is a bit lacking, but that doesn't mean there isn't a ton of lore to absorb. A whole lot of backstory, character bios, and item descriptions are hidden in the Grimoire cards. The problem is you earn the cards through gameplay, but you can't view them in-game - only through Bungie.net and the mobile app. There's a lot of really cool info in there, and because it isn't readily available without hitting the 'net, a lot of players are still missing out.

Make joining fireteam a bit more smooth

Right now, if I meet a player out in the field and want to join his (or her) game, I have to accept an invite, get transported to orbit, sit in my spaceship for a tick, then come back down into their game. Why? Every other MMO sticks you in a group where you stand and changes name colors for easy identification. Absolutely hassle free. No disorienting ins and outs. Surely, it's not impossible for Destiny to achieve that too.

Create an in-game clan members list

If you haven't joined the GamesRadar clan, you should probably do that. One vital element of an MMO is isolated on Bungie.net and is inaccessable from within the game: your clan. It would be great if I could have access to the 300+ members of the GR clan without having to add them all to my Xbox Live friends list. That way, getting a group together for Raids or PvP matches would be a breeze.

Allow auto-aim to be disabled

Anyone who has aimed down a long-range rifle scope in Destiny knows this plight: You zero in on an enemy's head ready to pull the trigger, but just as you send the bullet, another enemy runs by, catches the auto-aim, and you miss by a long shot. Yes, auto-aim can be helpful in an FPS for some players, but it's incredibly frustrating when your about-to-be-amazing head shot gets flubbed by a game mechanic. Give us the option to go into the menu and adjust the sensitivity of the auto-aim, or just switch it off completely.

Keep an eye on the weapon balancing in PVP

There have been a whole lot of changes to weapons since the game has launched and with even more options to customize your weapon in the House of Wolves, things might get a little crazy in PVP. Since the last update, hand cannons like the Thorn and Last Word have been the go-to PVP guns. Before that shotguns were OP, and even before that it was all about auto-rifles. I know it's an ongoing balancing act but with the House of Wolves allowing players to reroll weapons perks, as they stand now, weapons classes like hand cannons have the potential to get absurdly overpowered really quickly. We're going to need those balancing updates to come hard and fast to keep the crucible fair for every type of weapon wielder.

Give us a "Start at the Tower" option

You know what would be cool? If you could start the game at the Tower rather than in Orbit gated by loading screens. After all, the Tower is an important place. I typically need to stop by there to pick up bounties, turn in engrams, and bounce the purple ball around a bit before I head out on missions anyway. Let us just cut out that first loading screen and put us where we want to be. Not to mention, this feature would be fantastic when you switch characters. Having your fireteam wait while you sit through multiple loading screens just so you can pick up some bounties is a huge pain in the ass.

Have the option to matchmake Raids

Look Bungie, the Destiny community is already doing it through sites like DestinyLFG.net and the100.io. So, why can't we just get matchmaking for the high level activities to simplify our weekly grind for gear? I understand that you want to preserve the end game for those who are dedicated enough to find six friends to do it with, but sometimes I just want to jump in a raid as fast as possible, without coordinating with my clan beforehand.

What do you want to change?

There you have it. Those are all of the things that I want Bungie to change in Destiny as soon as possible. Is there anything that you want fixed right away? Maybe you think it's perfect. Maybe not? I don't know. Tell me in the comments below.

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Lorenzo Veloria

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