11 random objects that look like gaming executives

Objects of desire

Every year, the most powerful men and women in the games industry put themselves in the spotlight at E3 and other press events. So, naturally, our first thought was to make fun of them. It's all good-natured, of course. We found a bunch of random objects that looked like the games industry's biggest stars, and Photoshopped them next to images of the real people for comic effect. Now, we make our fair share of funny features here on GamesRadar, but honestly--genuinely--we're deeply proud of what we've created here...

The electric food mixer that looks like... Jack Tretton

The ex-President of Sony Computer Entertainment America is really cooking.

The pepper that looks like... Cliffy B

Food for thought. Does this veg look like former Design Director of Epic Games?

The sink that looks like... Gabe Newell

This image really taps into the personality of Valve's Managing Director.

The sandwich toaster that looks like... Satoru Iwata

Is this pic of the Nintendo CEO the best thing since sliced bread?

The alarm clock that looks like... Ed Boon

This could be a rude awakening for the co-creator of Mortal Kombat.

The house that looks like... Mr Caffeine

The Ubisoft press conference personality (2011) is a real home-body.

The piece of toast that looks like... John Carmack

This is a real burn for the co-founder of id Software.

The electric fan that looks like... Kaz Hirai

The President and CEO of Sony is looking cool.

The other alarm clock that also looks like... Gabe Newell

Alarm bells are ringing for the man behind Half-Life.

The light aircraft that looks like... Don Mattrick

We always thought the President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business was a real high flier.

The coffee cup lid that looks like... Reggie Fils-Aime

A gentle roasting of the President and COO of Nintendo America.


Here's a picture of a potato that doesn't look like anyone in the games business. Oh well. It's amazing how many people from this industry find their mirror image in every day items. If you find any more, let us know in the comments below.

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