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10 Superhero Movies That Must Not Happen 4

Publisher: DC
First appearance: Millennium #2, 1988
Alter ego: Gregorio De La Vega
Ability: Magic
Assessment: A superhero so camp he'd have Graham Norton clambering back into the closet with embarrassment, Extrano embraced gay stereotypes with gusto. Full marks to DC for having to guts to launch the first "out" superdude, but no marks for making him such a screaming, poncing, Diva – not exactly the best way to promote homo-tolerance to a prepubescent male readership.
Nightmare big-screen scenario: Dwayne Johnson is Extrano! (Well, he thought it might be a challenge). Joel Schumacher is behind the lens for a "mockumentary" in which Extrano outs Superman, Captain Marvel and Namor, The Sub Mariner (though we'd all guessed that one anyway) in between fighting his nemesis, Rainbow Warrior, a villain dedicated to destroying every copy of The Wizard Of Oz in existence.

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