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10 Superhero Movies That Must Not Happen 2

Publisher: Marvel
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #345
Alter ego: Japheth
Ability: He has two mutant slug things called Eany and Meany that live in his stomach. They bore out of his body, and then eat stuff – anything really, they're Matter Eating Slugs – which is turned into energy. When they’re back in his stomach they release the energy giving him super strength and stamina.
Assessment: There's no real problem with Maggott’s powers; they're intriguing in a weird off beat way. The problems are the name and the slugs. Maggott. Slugs. Not exactly the most marketing-friendly buzzwords. Would you want to see a film called Maggot? Could you convince your partner to see a film abut mutant slugs? It's just all a bit, "Eeeeewwww!”
Nightmare big screen scenario: David Cronenberg returns to full-on body horror territory, with some of the most gruesome prosthetic effects ever committed to screen as mucous-smothered Eany and Meany chew they way past Maggot's intestines and out through his skin. It’s all a metaphor for cancer. Probably.

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