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The 100 Greatest Videogames Edge special edition is out now

Following four sessions’ worth of debate that got dangerously out of hand, the consumption of way too much coffee, and with many thousands of words committed to print, our rundown of the world's finest games is now available in print and on iOS.

Consisting of 212 pages and wrapped with a foil-embossed cover, The 100 Greatest Videogames counts down the titles that deserve to be in your collection, from old favourites such as Tetris to modern-day masterpieces such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

With editorial contributions from the industry's most renowned writers, each entry also features full-page artwork showcasing the visual design of the world's best videogames.

In compiling the list, we worked to simple criteria: all formats – console, PC, portable, coin-op, touchscreen – were eligible; we could include only a single entry from any series that features straight-up sequels; and each game had to stand up today rather than making the cut for reasons of nostalgia or historic significance. The result is a collection of modern classics that must not be missed.

The 100 Greatest Videogames can be ordered online here, and is available to buy in UK newsagents now, priced £11.99. You can also buy a digital edition via our iOS app.

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