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The 50 best movie fights you'll want to watch again and again

10. Way of the Dragon (1972)

The fight: Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris put each other through their paces in this legendary battle from Way of the Dragon. Watch out for Chucks shoulder hair its worryingly prominent.

Killer move: The series of kicks that puts Norris on his backside. For a minute there, he almost looks worried

9. Wheels on Meals (1984)

The fight: Jackie Chans first ever fight with Benny The Jet Urquidez is a chop-socky treat, with both men wriggling and slithering out of seemingly impossible situations. Trying to keep one of them down is like nailing jelly to a wall

Killer move: Urquidez snuffs out a candle with a spinning kick. Not painful, but really bloody cool.

8. The Wrestler (2008)

The fight: The Ram pushes his body to breaking point in a brutal hardcore match with real-life masochist Necro Butcher. Thumb tacks, barbed wire, blunt instruments you name it, its in there. As good old JR would say, for the love of God, somebody needs to stop this thing!

Killer move: The Ram breaks a glass window over his opponents head. Game-changer

7. Lethal Weapon (1987)

The fight: A dust-up between fully paid-up loons Gary Busey and Mel Gibson was always going to be tasty and the garden based rumble between Riggs and Mr. Joshua doesn't disappoint. Were not sure this is police protocol, but its damned entertaining!

Killer move: Mr. Joshua gets choked out by the sheer power of Riggs legs. A lesson, if one were needed, to never get your head between Mel Gibson's thighs.

6. True Romance (1993)

The fight: While the scrap between Alabama and Virgil in the hotel room is the most brutal, nothing matches the wonderful build-up and execution of the three-way scrap at the end. Police, hired security, and mafia all collide in a plush hotel room, wiping out a swathe of characters in a chaotic and savage gun battle. It's the little touches, like the guys bleeding out covered in feathers, and the dream-like quality of the deaths that make this truly memorable.

Killer move: Tough to call, but the bullet to Clarence's eye feels most significant.

5. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

The fight: Indy enters an all-out slugfest with a moustachioed mountain of a man. He might be giving away more than a few pounds in weight, but Indy's talents lie in his awareness of his surroundings

Killer move: Indy keeps his man just where he wants him, allowing the propeller of a nearby aeroplane to do the rest.

4. Fight Club (1999)

The fight: Ed Nortons nameless narrator takes on Jared Letos Angel Face, remarking that, I felt like destroying something beautiful. Needless to say, he doesnt disappoint

Killer move: Nothing fancy here, just meaty punch after meaty punch. Norton takes it a bit far, mind. The fight should've been stopped well before the end.

3. Blade Runner (1982)

The fight: Deckard and Batty go at it hammer and tongs in this rain-drenched rooftop brawl. Don't worry though folks, they're not human!

Killer move: Batty steals the scene with his show-stopping death speech. Actions usually speak louder than words, but these words are badass

2. Raging Bull (1980)

The fight: Jake LaMotta and Sugar Ray Robinson are the participants in this balletic and visceral punch-up. Robinson beats seven bells out of LaMotta, but crucially fails to knock him out.

Killer move: The storm of punches delivered by Robinson that leaves LaMotta's face a bloody mess. Still, ya never got me down Ray. Ya never got me down.

1. The Raid 2 (2014)

The fight: The final battle - in the kitchen is simply, the finest piece of fight choreography ever filmed, and a near-perfect fusion of sight, sound, and emotion. Rama has been exposed, so looks to hunt down his old friend Uco. But between Uco and Rama is The Assassin, and a near 10 minute fight that tears up a private kitchen, and leaves both combatants utterly exhausted and bloody. The fight is attritional, thrilling with every move, and has a perfect ebb and flow. The soundtrack builds as the fighters reach the end, and the final blow is... well, it's the killer move.

Killer move: Karambit, throat, death.

What does Raid 2 star Iko Uwais think? "I remember when we did the choreography on that scene it was sheer hard work, and trial and error. We spent six months creating the choreography for that kitchen scene and spent another six months making videoboard. So it was a pretty tough scene to nail. There was a long time spent making that scene because it's not just the choreo that was created, but also figuring out the best camera angle possible for every move".