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The 50 best movie fights you'll want to watch again and again

30. Dodge City (1939)

The fight: Errol Flynn takes on all-comers in this seminal Western brawl, a sequence so famous it became used as stock footage for many other Westerns. Let the bottle-throwing commence!

Killer move: The old chair across the back would become a staple of many bar fights to come...

29. Aliens (1986)

The fight: Ripley takes on the Xenomorph Queen in this unconventional catfight, with a souped-up forklift truck finally triumphing over the snapping jaws and razor-sharp tail.

Killer move: Ripley manages to lure the Xenomorph into a cargo lock, allowing her to blast the beastie back into space where she belongs.

28. Evil Dead 2 (1987)

The fight: Never mind the deadites, the biggest fight Ash faces in Evil Dead 2 is one with his own hand. The treacherous little brute has got a fair few moves in its locker

Killer move: Ash realises what must be done, grabbing a chainsaw and severing his hand at the wrist. Who's laughing now, eh?

27. From Russia With Love (1963)

The fight: Sean Connery's 007 tangles with SPECTRE agent Red Grant in a cramped train carriage in one of the more bone-jarring fight scenes in the James Bond series. Two men, one compartment no rules.

Killer move: Bond turns the tide by retrieving a tiny knife from a concealed compartment in his briefcase. Cheers, Q!

26. Batman Begins (2005)

The fight: Throughout Batman Begins, Bruce repeatedly fails to remember Ras advice to mind your surroundings. Until the final battle on the train that is

Killer move: The evasive manoeuvres that allow Bruce to escape and condemn Ras to his death. At least we think hes dead

25. Kick-Ass (2010)

The fight: Hit-Girl’s first opportunity to show off her skills requires breaking into a room full of bad guys, and leaving them wailing in a bloody mess.

Killer move: The leg-severing swish of her sword that leaves one henchman floor-bound.

24. Die Hard 2 (1990)

The fight: John McClane takes on two villains on the wing of a moving plane, sending one hurtling into the engine before making a death-defying leap back to terra firma.

Killer move: Having previously breached the planes fuel tank, McClane reaches for his lighter and sends the whole thing up in flames. Yippie-kay-ay motherfucker.

23. Freddy vs Jason (2003)

The fight: The two horror icons do battle in this overblown crossover movie, with Freddie in particular showing off some hitherto unsuspected acrobatics as Jason lunges around through the flaming scenery.

Killer move: Jason scoops Freddy into his arms like a child, before ramming his head through a window and dragging it through a load of broken glass.

22. Eastern Promises (2007)

The fight: A naked fight in a steamy bathhouse might sound a touch homoerotic, but trust us, theres nothing remotely sensual about this one. The desperation etched on Viggo Mortensen's face is matched only by the ferocity of his survival instinct

Killer move: Face, meet tiles. Tiles, face.

21. Commando (1985)

The fight: Bennett makes the mistake of waving a knife at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who reacts in customary fashion, before delivering one of his greatest ever payoff lines

Killer move: Arnie impales Bennett with a pipe, before quipping, Let off some steam, Bennett. Woohoo!