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10 best places for Sims sex

Today is the ten-year anniversary of The Sims franchise. That’s a decade of miniature births, miniature lives and, eventually, miniature deaths playing out upon our game screens. A decade of little computer men and women landing their first virtual jobs, buying their first virtual homes, meeting their first virtual friends and holding their first virtual marriages. A decade of glowing green plumbobs and red-alert bladder meters.

We’re GamesRadar, though… so naturally, when EA approached us about posting a celebratory feature, the first thing we asked about was the WooHoo. Over the past ten years, what are the silliest, craziest, kinkiest locations these programmable people have managed to get their simulated freak on?

These are the surprisingly diverse, and bizarre, answers.

Editor’s note: The following material was provided by EA, publisher of The Sims series.