10 Best Movie Star Sesame Street Visits

Ricky Gervais is visiting Sesame Street, and a hilarious video interview with him and Elmo has just been posted.

We thought we’d see what other stars did when they found out how to get to the world’s most famous TV Street…

1. Jack Black

What he’s teaching: All about Octagons. “An octagon has eight fantastic sides and eight awesome angles.” So now you know.

What we actually learnt: That Jack Black’s OTT delivery makes him the perfect sidekick for Elmo. Plus it’s a toss-up as to who’s hairier.


2. Natalie Portman

What she’s teaching:
How to play the world famous game “The Elephant and the Princess." No, we’d never heard of it either. “This is gonna be great!†shouts Natalie. We’re willing to believe her because she’s impishly cute.

What we actually learnt: That Natalie Portman makes a surprisingly convincing elephant squeal. Is the team behind Madagascar 3 reading this? She’s a natural.


3. Marisa Tomei

What he’s teaching:
Big Bird gets schooled in the idea that you should always find time to "say the alphabet" with your attractive lady friends. "If you don't wanna say the alphabet with me, that's okay," whines the star. "I'll go on with my life, I'll find someone else to say the alphabet with me."

What we actually learnt: Girls are demanding.


4. Patrick Stewart

What he’s teaching: Stewart digs deep into his Shakespearian training to explore the many facets of the letter “Bâ€. “Whether ‘tis the second letter of the alphabet, or some other merry lettah…â€

What we actually learnt: “I reckon†apparently fits comfortably into the pantheon of Shakespearian dialogue along with “forsooth†and “zoundsâ€.
Somewhere, Ian McKellen wets himself laughing.


5. Robin Williams

What he’s teaching: The hirsuite comedy actor shows how much in common he has. With a bird puppet. "We've got the same name. But there's a lot about us that's the same, besides our names... Oh, a whole lot more, oh, yes."

What we actually learnt: Robin Williams shouldn't even try to sing in a comedy stye. We'd like the bleeding ears to stop, please.

6. Julia Roberts

What she’s teaching: A very young-looking Roberts helps explains what it looks like when someone is afraid. “And I’m going to be the someone who’s afraid.â€

What we actually learnt: Despite later going on to bag an Oscar, Roberts needs three takes to act afraid. Okay, it’s not really her fault. Since Elmo is undeniably cute. But we just imagine this is what went on on the set of Erin Brockovich. “No, Julia… Sassy! Not giggly!â€


7.James Earl Jones

What he’s teaching: How to count in a voice that makes the simple act of intoning numbers somehow dark and foreboding. "One... Two..." Stop already, we're bleedin' terrified!

What we actually learnt: That James Earl Jones auditioning for a counting role on THX1138 is not something we ever need to see again on the 'Street. Except we see it every night when we try to sleep, now. And the smile doesn't help any.


8. Robert De Niro

What he’s teaching: How the noble art of acting is accomplished. “I can imagine I’m a New York City cab driver, an out-of-shape boxer, or a cabbage.†Spot which one didn’t get much acclaim in his career?

What we actually learnt: De Niro is truly one of the greatest actors of his generation – at least, when he’s playing a cabbage (“a good source of riboflavin.â€) But when it comes to acting enthusiastic about being on the show, he could learn a thing or two from Jack Black.


9. John Goodman

What he’s teaching: We think it’s a blend of being nice when your friend wants to show you their triangle (surely one for a “don’t try this at home kids†warning) and how great triangles actually are (“I love the way they have three sides and three points. And how they catch that sun in that crazy trianguly way.â€

What we actually learnt:
Goodman can be both excited and very slightly creepy, especially when he keeps going on about the shapes… “How their little triangle points dance in the moonlight.†He sounds more like a serial killer than a good friend. And stripes aren’t always slimming.


10. Richard Pryor

What he’s teaching: The alphabet, pure and simple. Or as pure and simple as a whacked-out Pryor truly can. “Ain’t nobody interested in D! “’Cos E’s got it all covered!â€

What we actually learnt:
Pryor at the time didn’t seem to have much range when it came to describing letters. “X had it covered!†Presumably he doesn’t mean Malcolm… It’s sheer madcap brilliance, which probably sent several kids into therapy.

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