10 amazing things to do in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

1) Work as a hitman
In Oblivion, committing a murder is a case of “when,” not “if.” Once blood has been spilled it attracts the interest of the Assassins Guild, known as the Dark Brotherhood. They’re always on the lookout for new recruits with a, let’s say, carefree attitude to other people’s lives. Early missions are basic hatchet jobs, but promotion unlocks later assignments requiring Agent 47 levels of cunning. One target is dealt with by causing an ornamental stag’s head to fall and crush him, making everyone think it was an accident, while another hit sees a house full of people in need of offing, one by one, without anyone noticing.

2) Become an art critic
Sort of. In the town of Cheydinhal there’s talk of an artist called Rythe Lythandas, who’s disappeared. Investigating uncovers a strange magical picture that can be entered. It turns out that Rythe makes his work ultra-realistic by drawing the details from “inside” the image with a magic brush. Sadly, Rythe has lost the brush so he can’t paint an exit - and there are several trolls that need to be dealt with to get it back.