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Zoo Quest review

A sad cash-in puzzler


  • Tried and true match-3 puzzling
  • Learn animal facts
  • Vaguely distracting for kids


  • Graphics are muddy and indistinct
  • Too easy even on Hard
  • Short with no replay value

Produced in association with Australia Zoo %26ndash; the animalarium owned by the family of late croc-botherer Steve Irwin %26ndash; this is an Antipodean take on Zoo Keeper. You have to match three or more tiles displaying cartoon renditions of kangaroos, crocodiles, echidnas and other down-under fauna in order to clear a stage and unlock information about 20 animals.

Sadly, this isn%26rsquo;t a patch on Zoo Keeper %26ndash; or most other match-three games, for that matter. Graphics are muddy and indistinct, power-up tiles (including a %26lsquo;Crikey!%26rsquo; one) are too readily available, and even on the hardest difficulty it%26rsquo;s not very challenging. Completing every stage will take just a few hours, and then there%26rsquo;s zero incentive to return. As a cash-in on the Steve Irwin name this is pretty cheap, and as a game it%26rsquo;s very lame.

Feb 27, 2009

More Info

Description<p>Learn animal facts in this DS puzzler.&#160;But don't expect to be playing for too long.</p>
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating
Alternative namesZoo Quest: Puzzle Fun
Release date:16 December 2008 (US), (UK)
Available platforms:DS
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