Xbox 360's RPG revival

Who’s responsible?
Ascaron Entertainment

What’s their background?
Based in Germany,Ascaron had a early focus on management and strategy games, which, if you ask us, forms a good background for delving into the RPG market. And this delving began with Sacred in 2004 – a game that went on to sell over 1.6 million copies worldwide.

What makes it great?
We’re bored of fighting as rogues, elfs and goblins so the vampiresses, gladiators and seraphim character classes will certainly be a nice change.

But that’s not all, in a move away from the traditional, go here, talk to the innkeeper, travel across the desert, type of mission progression, Sacred 2 will have two campaigns running in parallel. Be as sweet as sugar and you'll be rewarded with the lighter, friendlier quests, but go around cutting up bunnies and pillaging the townsfolk and you’ll open up the darker more violent missions. We know which path we'll be choosing.

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