WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2007 updated hands-on

We get up-close like never before with the sweatiest wrestling game ever

But the coolest thing we saw was done after the other guy had already climbed to the top of the ladder and was reaching for the belt. If you lean another ladder against his, you can actually run up it, dash to the top and dive at him, throwing you both to the canvas.

We also saw a few new flourishes added to fighting among the audience, including flying popcorn and signs that your wrestler can grab from fans and show off (or rip up, if he's a heel). And while flying body slams off scaffolding are old news, we also got to try smashing our opponents head-first into a TV, electrocuting them with giant speakers and spraying them with a fire extinguisher.

The game is shaping up nicely so far - so nicely, in fact, that we've been able to capture some video of actual Xbox 360 gameplay to share with you. To check it our for yourself, justclick here.


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