Worms: Open Warfare

Your team consists of several moderately trained worms with their own individual life meters. After they take so much punishment, they die, and like true warriors tend to go out explosively, kamikaze style. It's not just a matter of taking the enemy out, but also keeping your troops clear ofsimilarly life-ending blasts and even friendly fire. Other factors, such as wind gusts, make your battle for supremacy all the more difficult. There are mid-mission saves though, so you can screw up and give some truly large military mishaps another shot.

Navigating the many menus in Worms has never been a major issue, so even without a mouse or a touch screen, laying waste to the enemy frontline shouldn't be a problem. Much of the precise aiming comes from moving the weapon point by point, degree by degree to find the best angle of attack. The PSP's wide screen offers a unique look at the battlefield, though not knowing exactly where to shoot was always part of the guesswork. The levels don't seem any larger than usual, but getting a final version in hand will explain if the pulled-back view equals less strategy.

Open Warfare will support four player wireless battles, but not putting this title online is utter madness. It's Worms. It's easy to understand, fun to watch and ripe with chances to show off. There's nothing like swooping in with a grenade and getting out of harm's way just in time to watch the other worms explode and plummet into the briny deep. Keeping true to its roots the game also lets you use one PSP and hot potato it around for four player hot seat action.

War is almost upon us and here's hoping it allows the same multiplayer and customization options its console cousins do, as the gameplay pretty much speaks for itself.