Worlds of Too Human

The worlds of Too Human are as tricky to describe as the game itself. Based heavily on two distinct and different genres - sci-fi cyberpunk and Norse mythology - the setting promises to be one that players have never, ever visited or experienced before.

Gods and goddesses still rule over mankind, but enhance their divine powers through cybernetic upgrades. Machines threaten to eradicate all humans, but only by reaping our blood and limbs, thus becoming more human themselves. Alternate universes can be traversed through cyberspace, which is accessed via a giant, magical tree.

Intrigued? Mystified? Overwhelmed? We understand, which is why we've asked the developers to give us - and you - an exclusive, in-depth tour into the game's world... and into their imaginations.

Our fourth and final part takes you into the cavernous World Serpent, a submerged ship long forgotten beneath the waters. More than mere machine, the World Serpent is alive, filled with activity and even chaos. Here, in the belly of the beast, robots are preparing for war...

Above: The Too Human team provides a behind-the-scenes look at the World Serpent, from idea to sketch to in-game realization.

The following descriptions were provided by Silicon Knights. For more exclusive screenshots and concept artwork, head here.


Locked under ice in one of the most inhospitable areas of the globe, the Devastator class war machine known only in myth and legend as "The World Serpent" has lain dormant for millennia. It used to be one of the YMIR’s greatest achievements: a mile long submersible battleship that could unleash massive destruction with the merest human thought. 


When the YMIR were destroyed in the anti-matter strike that would change the future of the world, the remaining Devastator class machines were either scuttled to prevent capture or hidden for a distant future resurgence of the YMIR regime. How many of them truly remain, and how many are mere myths is pure speculation - very little solid data exists.


The Devastator Class was designed to be the backbone of YMIR forces - combining long range strike capability with formidable defenses to support a mobile army. While completely submersible, it could also traverse land thanks to powerful anti-gravitic suspensors. Like a massive serpent, its segmented body could crawl over land, bringing terror and death to those who stood against it. It remains a mystery of engineering, since many of the technologies used in its construction have been lost for thousands of years in the dark ages of the Fimbulwinter.


Lying beneath blizzards and fearsome winds, Aegir’s Jaw is a treacherous place. Only a horn of blasted rock can truly be called land, the rest of the region is formed of crumbling pack ice, constantly shifted and reformed by tides and tectonic movement. It is unsurprising that the World Serpent has lain hidden here for so long as anything on the surface tends to get dragged beneath the ice. As the ice breaks apart and transforms throughout the year, sometimes sunken victims are dragged to the surface again.


Aug 1, 2008


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