World Tour Golf first look

Upcoming golf sim aims to give players unprecedented shot control

With World Tour Golf, developer Gusto Games wants to create a game that real golfers would want to play - something they intend to do by taking a uniquely realistic approach to the game.

Eschewing the simple, arcade-style swinging of Tiger Woods PGA Tour and other similar series, World Tour enables players to control the power and trajectory of their shots directly. This system, called "Pro Stroke," allows players to set up their swing by making minute adjustments to their golfer's stance, the position of the ball and the angle of the club. Smacking the ball - or just taking practice swings - is then a matter of moving the analog stick like you would a club.

While it looks complicated, the developers say their system will appeal more to mainstream gamers - i.e. anyone who's used to doing all that stuff in real life. Whatever the case, it should give players much more shot control than the more traditional "stop a moving meter with a button press" approach used by other golf games.


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