Window to WoW, week fifteen

Wading through the available World of Warcraft mods, which change the way the game functions in big or little ways, can be a little overwhelming. There seems to be a mod for everything - from how to see our chat, to how we open our mail. Since mods can slow down the game and clog up the screen, many people throw their hands up in frustration and miss out on some of the niftiest tools out there.

As we're mad mod freaks, we decided to run through some of our favorites - and why we like them so much.

  1. PallyPower ( Say goodbye to: "Who has kings?" "BoW, please. No, not Might. BoW. Who's buffing the priests with might?" "Can rogues have kings, salv and might? No, don't need wisdom …" "Why does the tank have salv but no kings?" "Why are there four pallies and no buffs?" and of course the every 15-minutes-who's-on-first go round of:  "Blessing-of-insert-name-here running out." "Pally buffs." … "pally buffs?" … "pallies??"

    PallyPower allows a pally with an A to assign buffs/classes, see who has improved blessings, and how many reagents each pally has. It also monitors for each pally how much time left on the blessing, who needs a rebuff, etc. Quite possibly the best time-saving mod ever.

  2. Deadly Boss Mod ( Formerly La Vendetta Boss Mod - this one is for everyone who intends to raid. It has crucial information on all boss fights, much like CTRA used to before TBC broke it. Also, Deadly Boss alerts on aggro gain (large red screen plus a bong, hard to miss) and has depth - a detail we find extremely helpful.

  3. KLH Threatmeter ( ): A must have for any damage class, and helpful to all. This mod monitors how high on the aggro chart you are, and how far behind the tank (or above, if you are doing something wrong), and how many people are between you and pulling aggro. Essential for tanks, it also helps keep those classes who like to crit but can't take a hit alive.

  4. Smartbuff ( A must have for all classes that are required to buff during a raid, it also comes with Smart-debuff, the closest thing to Decursive since the Dec '06 patch broke Decursive (*cry*). Smartbuff monitors which buffs you are casting on which groups, and will automatically detect and buff. (Note: this also works for rogues and poisons, which is very handy, never forget to poison those blades again!).

  5. CTRA* ( While nowhere near its former glory pre-TBC, CTRA is still invaluable for information gathering. Want to know who came prepared? Who's in the zone on time and who is still in Ironforge waiting for a summon? Who repaired before they came over and who didn't? CTRA is the only mod to easily and quickly provide a raid leader with this info, saving time and frustration - much easier to type /radur than go around and ask 9 to 24 other people if their armor is broken …
    *This mod is currently unavailable, pending user report investigation.


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