Wii Play

By way of introduction, every new hardware innovation needs a readymade software demonstration - Super Mario 64 showed us how to use an analog stick, for instance - and Wii Play is designed to introduce the delights of the Wii controller (Japanese players didn't get a free Wii Sports with purchase). It does that by clumping together nine mini-games. And that’s it. Simplest game of the year.

It’s not quite as limited as it sounds, though. There are all sorts of different control methods here, and a few of them are so much fun that you’ll keep returning until you sprain your wrist or lose a screen/ornament/window/relative through over-enthusiastic Wiiplay.

The package begins innocently enough with Shooting Range - which is essentially 21st Century Duck Hunt. Point the controller to aim and pull the trigger to fire at ducks, clay pigeons, and beer cans. In fact, it’s a great game to play with beer.

Next up is Find Mii, a live action videogame version of Where’s Waldo? Actually there’s a bit of snap in here, too: you sometimes have to detect which two Miis are identical among a crowd of oddbods. It’s fun, but not for long if you're age has rolled into, say, double digits. And the same can be said of Pose Mii, which is just a challenge of rotation - twirl your Mii to line up with various silhouettes as they fall down the screen at ever-quicker speeds.


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