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  • _--_ - July 30, 2014 5:49 p.m.

    --when a former hardcore AAA developer --starts doin F2P --its a sign of the 'gaming' times --companies get in a financial bind --they hire corporate minds to 'come in' --and then --the company loses its 'heart' --from then on --its just --focus on the income --focus on 'maximizing' money 'opportunities' --if you own a gaming company --and youre reading this --first off --youre VERY smart(and focused on success) --second off --instead of focusing on 'making money' --MAKE A GODDAMNED GAME --make the game you want to make --make the game YOU think is 10/10 --if you are "just in it for the money" --why the hell did you get into gaming? --you should have been an investor
  • mothbanquet - July 31, 2014 2:09 a.m.

    Unfortunately, you pretty much have it spot-on. The sad fact is the majority of devs and the people who work for them aren't actually gamers. The lower-downs see it as a job and the higher-ups, as you say, only watch the bottom line. Of course there are exceptions but that's pretty much the state of play at the moment. Big publishers are losing money fast and the more they lose, the tighter they squeeze their devs. I have it on good authority that many F2P devs are looking for ways to break completely from overbearing publishers, so maybe in the future we'll see a mass return to artistically driven, ambitious and inventive gaming but for now, we'll have to endure the F2P scourge.
  • _--_ - July 31, 2014 3:05 a.m.

    --its why i HATE franchises like COD or asscreed(and even arkham and a few others) --while the games themselves are 'decent'(or whatever) --the 'industry model' they create --leaves other gaming companies feeling stumped and unsuccessful(even though some of their games sell well) --in other words --companies/developers arent just trying to make a 'great' game anymore --they are forced to try and make the 'next' cod or asscreed --for example --watch_dogs --the game was developed with the thought in mind --"we need this franchise to be an annualized blockbuster" --shit --just make the game as good as you can --stop 'messing up' games --by trying to 'force them' into these "industry models"
  • mothbanquet - July 31, 2014 4:23 a.m.

    The saddest refection of the gaming industry in my opinion is BioWare. They went from being the creators of the most beloved and revered RPGs in gaming history to purveyors of third-person action shooters/hack 'n slash blockbusters. The first Mass Effect and Dragon Age games were forward-looking, delightfully imperfect, and genuinely ambitious examples of their genres. Then EA started calling the shots and no matter the sequels' competence treading those well-established roads of cover shooters and action game mechanics, wowing the masses with pretty effects and rollicking action sequences, they'd lost that genuine spark that set them apart to begin with. As technically 'good' as CoD, AC and ME games may be, they'll never push the medium forward like their first iterations did (yes - Call of Duty was a trailblazer once upon a time), the soulless tripe-A machine grinds these once amazing concepts into the dust. To stray back on topic, even Crysis was falling victim to that same mantra. The first game is still the best in my eyes. It was a benchmark in what gaming could, and should, achieve. It's still the most open, challenging and 'free' game in the series. So with that in mind, none of what this article says should come as a shock.
  • Vonter - July 31, 2014 9:45 a.m.

    The issue is that making for a niche market isn't profitable now (if that was the case Nintendo will at least be in GC numbers). Devs are mainly making shooters, following Dark Souls, or making a by the numbers simulation game. That'll be fine if at least most could stand out in regards to art and style. I mean indies even though being mostly 2D stand out from each other. But in the AAA space, it is expected to look like the one leading the pack. And that is dull IMO. I do wonder how people will receive Sunset Overdrive.
  • _--_ - July 31, 2014 12:14 p.m.

    @Moth --yes --i miss the days of games like Crysis 1 or witcher 1 --when developers(here PC developers) were still pushing things 'forward' --can you imagine a pc exclusive 'today' that required as much PC power as Crysis 1 did when it came out?(like a on a pc power comparison scale~ya know?) --instead? --we get a card game --or a click and point
  • _--_ - July 31, 2014 12:19 p.m.

    @Vonter --yeah --its like i was saying --developers need to focus on making the game THEY wanna make(and making the game EXCELLENT) --stop focusing on --being as 'succes$ful' as possible --its like that movie Field of Dreams --"if you build it they will come" --not --"make sure and get this shit just like what already exists~lets maximize turnover~this isnt art~this is a money machine"
  • g1rldraco7 - July 30, 2014 5:28 p.m.

    This is just ridiculous, :(
  • Cruddi - July 31, 2014 6:30 a.m.


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