• Gravyc - November 28, 2012 7:40 a.m.

    I just don't know what to say about this... Batman Arkham City is surely one of the most OVERRATED games ever? - Compare it to the original and it's just not on the same level of brilliance. Arkham Asylum was fantastic. A susinct storyline, the feeling of Batman being trapped on an island overrun by dangerous criminals. Fantastic combat and a whole array of great Batman villians to fight. - Arkham City just tried to repeat this process, but on a larger scale. However, the story was ridiculous. The amount of 'plot' twists that kept coming about was insane - and most of them didn't even lead anywhere. Like when the Joker pretended to heal himself. But oh, wait he didn't. You fight Mr Freeze to get the antidote, but oh wait, someones just stolen it. It just felt like one massive fetch quest. Most of the villians felt like they had been thrown in and had absolutely no relevance to the story or what was going on. The Catwoman side story was kind of fun. Though short lived. The combat really started to drag through the game too. ALSO the idea of having an open world sounds fantastic in Batman. But the world we were given was actually smaller in scale than that of Arkham City. And the comment made in the post about the city: "Unlike in most freely roamable video game cities, every location in Arkham really matters" - NO they didn't. Most of the city was there for collectables. Yes it had some fun Batman-related scenery dotted around, but most of it was pointless crap. AND all the funking side missions! I felt like I had jumped back 10 years and was playing Spider-Man 2 again. Repetitive side missions were fine back then, but I swear I saved the same civilian/employee about 10 times in Batman. Is Batman Arkham City a bad game? No. That would be stupid to say. Graphically it's good. The gameplay mechanics are solid. The design is sound. But it falls flat on reptitive missions, a really crappy story that has you running round in circles before concluding - with a flat "Oh. That's it." Not a big bang. Is it one of the greatest games ever made? Hell no!
  • Pwnz0r3d - November 28, 2012 8:36 a.m.

    100% agree. I like Arkham City, but yeah it tried TOO hard to be like Arkham Asylum. Dr Strange was literally pointless, we all knew Ra's Al Ghul was behind all of this, (hell in one of Strange's game over screens he practically tells you before you know) the killing of Talia had no weight, and Batman's lack of emotion pretty much made it pointless (well that's just because she has the pits). Hell even Strange knowing that Bats is Bruce meant nothing at all, and got a focused, sinister line for it but nothing came out of it. He didn't hunt down Alfred or burn down the Manor. The whole game was great, but the story was almost terrible.
  • ObliqueZombie - November 28, 2012 9:04 a.m.

    Despite all these counter-argument comments, Mr. Houghton, I 100% agree with your assessment. To me, this game was perfection. Everything made sense, it was entirely seamless, and it was the closest to being Batman since Asylum. I do, however, like Asylum quite a lot. I bought it off Steam for around $5, and it was one of the best $5 I've spent all year. I played City long before it, but it was still quite the game and I would have hated to miss it. I still agree that in every way, Arkham City bested its already phenomenal predecessor by a lengthy shot. Awesome read.
  • shawksta - November 28, 2012 9:13 a.m.

    This is massively respectable because Arkham asylum despite being in a closed area had that sense of depth. Arkham City's goal perse wasn't to trump Asylum, but to make a different, more BATMAN experience. In a perspective both games are 2 great experiences within the same name. Asylum had the ideas that worked for it and City had ideas that worked for it and switching ideas just won't work with the other so we can see the big differences. Either way both were awesome games in their respective grounds.

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