• TheAmaz1ngJamie - March 31, 2009 3:36 p.m.

    it sounds like for once in these sort of games your not being hunted or having to hide and plan a tactical approach because theres to many , your batman and your hunting. High hopes from your preview i hope its what you say it is
  • GR_DavidHoughton - March 30, 2009 8:36 a.m.

    Synster: I totally understand your worries about the difficulty, given all that bat-prowess, but so far we haven't found it to be a problem. While the hand-to-hand is great against unarmed thugs (provided you're fast enough), going toe-to-toe with anyone with a gun gets Bats wiped out in next to no time. He might be a meticulous and dangerous predator, but stealth slip-ups look to be punished quick and fast. And besides, we've been assured that the full game will be a lot more mix 'n' match in terms of gameplay than these two approach-specific sections, hopefully meaning that the best tactic won't always be obvious. Perfect_Insanity: You're right. NO-ONE is harder than Batman. He can even take out Superman given the right conditions. History has proven this.
  • NiftyNinja - March 29, 2009 6:13 a.m.

    oops. i meant gonna BE great.
  • NiftyNinja - March 29, 2009 6:12 a.m.

    nah, no angry comments here. besides opinions are like assholes...everybody has one. this game is gonna great.
  • cookie23q - March 28, 2009 11:25 p.m.

    wow look flippin awsome
  • sadowolf - March 28, 2009 7:15 a.m.

    ive seen video of a gameplay walkthrough and was very impressed and excited. after reading this, im even more amped for it, although im not too sure about the lofty claim in the title of the article. seems like itll do gadgets and stealth better than just about anything else (and it should, since it has excellent examples like splinter cell and mgs to improve upon), but i dont see the whole package being better than the mentioned titles. at least not yet
  • Z-man427 - March 28, 2009 6:17 a.m.

    i'm still a big skeptic about this one
  • Synster - March 27, 2009 9:38 p.m.

    I just watched a few GDC Trailers and the such. and Yes, the stealth does look promising. but. If you have all that power. How is the game Hard, or revamp the difficulty? Make Metal Gear or Sam Fisher look like Amateurs? I can't particularly say, I highly doubt it seeing as the A.I in MGS4 was simply amazing how they didn't just give up looking for You, and you couldn't just lay down in the middle of the open, but I guess I'll have to wait and see about this Game. I'm still skeptical, but that skeptical feeling is slowly moving towards Optimistic.
  • Blade1006 - March 27, 2009 8:25 p.m.

    Looks amazing definitely getting this once again I am infinitely glad this is not rated "M"
  • Samael - March 27, 2009 7:43 p.m.

    "Just to see if it will work, we wait for the new guy to walk underneath his stricken comrade, and throw a batarang at the rope suspending our previous victim, hoping that the game will allow us to cut him loose. Brilliantly, it does and the weighty slab of thug plummets to flatten his would-be helper." I. Am. Buying. This. Game.
  • waynski1457 - March 27, 2009 6:14 p.m.

    I wasn't too excited for this game. I mean, it looked really nice, but it was giving off the same "gimmicky beat-em-up" feel that the Watchmen game does. But now, OMFG THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!!! DEMO NOW!!
  • iluvmyDS - March 27, 2009 5:51 p.m.

    I am pretty damn excited.
  • sal-paradise - March 27, 2009 5:46 p.m.

    looks and sounds awesome, maybe I'm getting to excited but in my MGS4 withdrawal this may make an adequate release day purchase.
  • Morning Ninja - March 27, 2009 5:39 p.m.

    It feels like alot like Splinter Cell, only with the bass ass kung-fu and better gagets.
  • chester_spartan - March 27, 2009 5:24 p.m.

    first! i cant wait for the review on this, i have hi hopes for this game

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