Under the Radar - Day Two

Consider the following two titles "missing in action." They're so under the radar that they've gone off the radar. But with the right mix of money and luck, we could still see these little-games-that-could make it big. Fingers crossed.


From: Diezelpower
Who did: It's their debut
And live in: Nice, France

Dogtag was announced during E3 2005 and while it appeared to be something of a Clancy-clone shooter, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. What was a bad thing was Diezelpower's publisher Digital Jesters crashing. We emailed the studio to ask what the score was. The reply? Ominous silence. Signs are that Dogtag, c'est morte.

Still coming?

If there's money left in the pot to continue development then hopefully another publisher can be acquired.


From: Team Tarsier
Who did: It's their first game
And live in: Sweden

Mixed messages are coming out of Sweden with regard to this. Basically, having secured a publishing deal, Team Tarsier is no longer talking about its sound-based adventure. But why? Our sources tell us it's likely the publisher is making them rework the game from scratch because the original demo was just too far out. We hope the game is still on as its artistic style was brilliantly unique and the concept refreshingly innovative.

Still coming?

In its original form? Very unlikely, but we're confident this will happen.

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