Uncharted and Flower artists working on 'Ico-inspired project', fanboy in us has a heart attack

Artwork for potential game is so exciting, you'll need a coronary bypass

Brace yourselves now, because we%26rsquo;re about to drop the most exciting news since we discovered Steven Seagal hates being filmed by games jarnalists. Ready? Right,two artists who worked on Uncharted 2 and Flower have teamed up and are currentlydesigning a game inspired by Ico. Be still our beating horns.

Above: God, we're losing the run of ourselves already

Eytan Zana, a concept artist at Naughty Dog, recently revealed art from the project, which he%26rsquo;s working on with Matt Nava (one of the artists from thatgamecompany who made PSN classic Flower). Here%26rsquo;s the pick of some of the incredible work they%26rsquo;ve done so far%26hellip;

Zana wrote on hisblogthat he: %26ldquo;Wanted to capture some outskirts, an establishing shot, and some platforming areas." And looking at their work it%26rsquo;s clear to see the influence Ico%26rsquo;s art style as had on the pair.

Above: Haunting, disquieting... damn, we're welling up again

Nava%26rsquo;s company also appears to have quite the crush on Team Ico games in general, if this early shot from its latest title The Journey is anything to go by.

Above: Look familiar?

How about now...

Above: Psssstttt. It looks like Shadow of the Colossus, innit?

It%26rsquo;s not yet clear whether the artists'initial concept drawings will come to anything, but if Naughty Dog and thatgamecompany aren%26rsquo;t working to turn this into a fully fledged title, then we%26rsquo;ll officially stop eating and drinking until they do%26hellip; or, y%26rsquo;know, we get a bit peckish or parched.

Also, why didn%26rsquo;t we only find this on Google Images this morning?

It%26rsquo;s clearly the single greatest achievement in the history of humanity. Why did no one inform us of its existence earlier?

Are you excited about this potential Ico-inspired project? Are you hoping it gets turned into a game? Or have you never seen the fuss over the hand-holding tear-fest and couldn%26rsquo;t care less? Either way, inform us of the thoughts forming in your juicy brains in the comments below.

Aug 11, 2010

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